A Revolutionary Approach to Media: The Future of Audience Engagement + Participation is Rewards

What is a POAP?

POAPS – Proof of Attendance Protocol – is a unique digital token that verifies your attendance or participation in events or activities. 

Stored on the blockchain using smart contracts, POAPs can be used in a variety of ways. They can be bought, sold, collected, traded, used as currency, or even act like digital memories. Their value (perceived or otherwise) is tied to the event or activity they represent.  

How we’re using them?

Through the power of blockchain, we now have the tech to: 

– reward early supporters of Revolution Radio 
– pilot fresh approaches for our web3 VC Fund 

You can listen, share, ask questions, and more to earn and collect POAPs. 

Those unique tokens will represent your proportional ownership in a community wallet and preferred access to new and future offerings from Revolution Media Group. 

This community wallet will be funded through 10-15% of all ongoing sponsorship revenue.