Alex Mascioli with the Crypto review from Ep#13

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This week, the Fed will be speaking every day except for Tuesday, and Powell will be speaking to the Senate on Wednesday. Additionally, employment numbers will be released on Thursday. The total market cap remains at 1.03 trillion, which has been consistent over the last four weeks. The trading volume is currently at 29.8 billion, which is low. The recent low volume and low volatility in the market may be due to the outflows in the exchange and the banking issues faced by Silvergate. Bitcoin and Ethereum prices have been affected by this. The total crypto tweet volume has also decreased by 17% compared to the average volume on trade dashboards, with only 185,000 tweets for the day. Bitcoin is currently at 22,400 and has only increased by 0.69%, with a neutral sentiment of 52 out of 130. Similarly, Ethereum is not doing any better and is at 1,566.41, with a neutral settlement at 49 out of 100 on trade the chain.

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