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Whether you're new to the world of finance, or you are an experienced investor, Revolution Radio,  has something for you.

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Each day you get to listen in as three of the world’s top financial experts and rockstar guests review the data to give you the insights you need to get an edge on your financial future. Whether it’s TradFi, Crypto, & Web3, there’s nothing more comprehensive in the space. 

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Financial markets are uncertain, but they’re also cyclical. With 40+ decades of experience, we know your winning strategy for web3 finance will be guided by informed decisions based on data, not speculation. Join our community as we lead the shift from immature to mature market discussions and decisions. 

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A private, members-only network that provides exclusive access to events, top traders, and future product and asset offerings from Revolution Media Group. Listeners of Revolution Radio will have the chance to receive a POAP, and the top *POAP collectors will receive allowlist access to our project, minting Q3 2023. 

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Whether you're new to the world of web3 finance or an experienced investor, Revolution Radio, has something for you.